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automotive1Great custom, computer-cut window tint options at great prices! At Tint Town, we offer the highest quality tint and master technician installation services for your vehicle. Tint Town offers more shades than anyone in the Indianapolis area - period!

A quality window tint installation is determined by two things: the skill and precision of the installer and the quality of the material used. At Tint Town, we offer the highest levels of both! Our experts use the most advanced computer technologies and artistic skill to custom fit your vehicle with a film that will look great and stay that way!

We offer window tint, smoked tail and headlights, custom tint, custom graphics, clear paint protection, vehicle wraps, and commercial signage. We've teamed with Jeff Van Horn of Van Horn Graphic Services to bring our customers custom designs for their private and commercial needs. Jeff's creations are known throughout the country as some of the most advanced and stylish graphics. His designs can literally change your vehicle overnight and make a big statement on the road!

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